Asset Integrity - The Global Story Of Margins And Safety

Speaking at Oil & Gas IQ's 6th Asset Integrity Management Summit in Adu Dhabi, Alain Floutier, Director of Marketing Solutions at French technology company Dassault Systémes, talks to Oil & Gas iQ's Anthony Permal about all things safety and integrity in the energy industry. Alain focuses on:

  • · The key issues that owner/operators face with regards to asset integrity and how these can be solved
  • · How to maintain optimal asset integrity at the same time as cutting costs and minimising downtime
  • · How immersive simulation environments and repetition of procedures can aid the training of operators to react to crisis situations
  • · Ensuring there is investment in ageing assets to guarantee a continued quality of integrity and safety
  • · The importance of choosing a whole integrated suite of systems to cater for your asset integrity needs and not taking the "pick'n'mix" option
  • · The evolution of the "asset integrity manager" at energy companies and the kinds of duties that his encompasses

Alain Floutiergraduated with a Mechanical Engineering and Manufacturing degree from France’s Ecole Nationale d’Ingênieurs in 1981 and has worked with Dassault Systémes since 2005 in a variety of international roles relating directly to its energy industry products. Prior to joining DS, Alain worked in the United States for 7 years as Matradatavision’s Country Manager, and as Product Marketing Manager for CISIGRAPH, where he also worked for 10 years. Just before joining Dassault Systémes, Mr. Floutier worked for RAND as its EMEA Marketing Director.


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