Tackling The Biggest Challenges For Owner/Operators In The Field Of Asset Integrity

Speaking at Oil & Gas IQ's 6th Asset Integrity Management Summit in Adu Dhabi, David Osage, President and CEO of Equity Engineering, speaks to Oil & Gas iQ's Anthony Permal about the challenges of asset integrity post-Macondo.

David is a former Technical Consultant for ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company, lead Mechanical Engineer for BP, and an internationally recognized authority in the development and use of FFS technology.

As the architect and principal author of API 579 Fitness-For-Service, he has developed many of the assessment methodologies and supporting technical information used across the industry today.

As the chairperson for the API/ASME Joint Committee on Fitness-For-Service, he was instrumental in completing the update to API 579 entitled API 579-1/ASME FFS-1 Fitness-For-Service. Mr. Osage also provides instruction on Fitness-For-Service technology to the international community under the API University Program.

In the course of the interview, David talks about:

  • BP's Texas City accident and the learnings that came out of that
  • How both organic growth and M&A can be detrimental to the continuity of asset integrity at an oil and gas organisation
  • Upscaling a company does not translate into upscaling its culture - how organic growth and M&A activities can sometimes be detrimental to knowledge continuity in an asset integrity context
  • How training can help fill the knowledge gap and familiarise oil and gas sector workers with norms
  • The biggest challenges for owner/operators in the field of asset integrity
  • The need for the harmonisation of international standards and working towards self-regulation



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