Optimising Emergency Response Using Real-time Incident Intelligence

Speaking at Oil & Gas IQ's 3rd Annual Process Safety Management Summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Michael Teague, Vice President of Global Sales at Safer Systems delivers his presentation on exactly how to prepare for the unexpected when it comes to reacting to emergency situations.

Major accidents are rarely caused by a singular component failure but are a result of multiple process errors. Ensuring all critical risks are mitigated, process safety management (PSM) looks at process design through to implementation.

PSM audits analyse where improvements can be made and review incident investigations. PSM also addresses core areas such as mechanical integrity, equipment optimisation, cost-efficiency and quality control through optimisation of processes.

In Michael's presentation, he focuses on:

  • Preparing for accidents as preventing hazards is not always possible

  • Using real time incident information to plan and execute the response plan

  • Studying advanced "real-time" emergency management and response technology



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