TOTAL E&P Oil & Gas Case Study: Asset Integrity From Concept To Practical Implementation

In this presentation delivered at Oil & Gas iQ’s 6th Asset Integrity Management Summit in Abu Dhabi, Christian Perrollet, Senior Advisor, Integrity Management at Total E&P gives an insider’s view of the asset integrity framework at the company.

The average age of drilling rigs across the world is 25 years-old, and mature fields account for over 70% of the total oil field resources in production today.

With increasingly ageing assets and inhospitable operating environments ranging from the Qatari desert to the Russian arctic, it is becoming more important than ever to enhance asset integrity to and extend the lifespan of maturing infrastructure.

In the course of his presentation, Christian outlines:

  • The integrity management framework at Total
  • Identifying priorities for the implementation of integrity management principles
  • Getting the metrics right to measure performance across business units



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