Improving Safety and Productivity in Oil and Gas Operations

The role of communications technology in improving the safety of workers and improving productivity in oil and gas operations is covered in this white paper.

  • Productivity - To ensure the most productive operations, the facility requires efficient flow of data between several key players in various locations including onshore, offshore, central control rooms, in the air and at sea. The ideal communications setup connects all of these players, driving seamless communications from multiple and remote locations
  • Safety - Efficient wireless voice and data communications help workers offshore and onshore securely reach out and be reached, so emergency calls get to the right person immediately upon recognition of an issue.

Essentially, this white paper will cover the following areas of the oil and gas story:

  • Worker safety in line with HSE requirements.
  • Knowledge and experience gap in the industry
  • Onshore and offshore communication difficulties.
  • Remote and dangerous locations.
  • Environmental safety

This white paper is for you if you work in the fields of:

  • HSE
  • IT
  • Operations
  • Facilities