Live Recording: CAPEX Damage Control: Stop the Project Bleed!

With Melanie Fontenot, SPSM Technical Consultant, AVEVA

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Recorded live - Contract Risk Management in Oil & Gas - February 2, 2021

CAPEX Damage Control: Stop the Project Bleed!

In this webinar, you will learn how you can navigate today’s new levels of contract risk including how to:

  • Ensure successful contract management when your employees are working remotely - keeping contracting activities moving forward and in the right direction
  • Benchmark your contract risk management approach against the world’s most proven projects
  • Monitor contract performance, resource allocation and KPIs with data -driven contract management
  • Leverage the cloud to manage the flow of change requests and identify risks early.

We will discuss how to use technology to remove these barriers to achieving shared success on your next project.

  • Unify key processes throughout every phase of the asset lifecycle
  • Automate contract workflows to respond faster and enhance financial control
  • Promote transparency by aligning remote project teams with approved business processes to make contract award and execution easier
  • Simplify how you manage complex contract relationships including items such as MSAs, insurance requirements, line items and more
  • Managing contract risk in today’s rapidly changing conditions
  • Learn how to get the visibility and control you need to protect CAPEX, reduce risk, drive performance and improve profitability.

Melanie Fontenot, SPSM Technical Consultant, AVEVA