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Posted: 02/11/2016
For better or for worse, the oil and gas business is characterized by cycles of both boom and bust. This places large demands on organizations to both (a) keep pace with the demand for skilled staff during times of expansion and (b) to manage the potential loss of knowledge and experience during times of contraction. Mistakes made in managing orga Full Content »
Contributor: Tim Haïdar
Posted: 07/19/2015
Tim Haïdar
In the week after a historical deal was reached over Iran’s nuclear programme, paving the way for a deluge of crude into the marketplace, voices warned that an oil price recovery may be years in the making. Andy Brown, upstream international director for supermajor Royal Dutch Shell, and one of the key candidates to replace Peter Voser as CEO in 2014, remarked: "We are not banking on an oil price recovery overnight. It will take several years but we do believe fundamentals will return." Full Column »