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About this Podcast...

In this exclusive interview, Oil & Gas IQ speaks with Fivos Spathopolous, consultant shale gas geologist at 3Legs Resources about the difficulties of reserves estimation for unconventionals and the resources that will shape our energy future.

In the course of his interview, Fivos concentrates on:

  • · Extracting hydrocarbons from shale is a science that was born out of the end of easy oil
  • · How unlike conventional oil and gas, unconventional resources are, more often than not, located in developed nations
  • · The difficulty of winning the public relations battle in communities that are underpinned by shale deposits
  • · The importance of understanding cultural sensitivities and establishing two-way communication between companies and communities
  • · Outlining the big shale hotspots to look out for in the next 5 years
  • · How countries dependent on carbon-heavy power generation methods could look to shale as part of a lower carbon energy mix
  • · None of the current movements in unconventionals would be possible if oil were below $40 per barrel
  • · The potential of gas hydrates as the biggest source of energy worldwide


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