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Oil & Gas IQ: HPHT - High Pressure and High Temperature

HPHT Innovation - Using An Old Bicycle In A Different Way

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About this Podcast...

Tim Haðdar speaks with Sigve Krohn Naesheim, Wells Team Leader, Exploration & Development Drilling for BG Group Norge about the state of play of HPHT and eHPHT drilling in the world today, and the innovations that are pushing the oil and gas industry to new depths.

With easily exploitable oil and gas fields now largely depleted or developed, operators are increasingly turning their attention to the development of high pressure / high temperature wells. Whilst HPHT fieldsoffer the chance to reach previously untapped reserves, they are expensive to develop and carry particular challenges and risks for oil and gas companies who take them.

In this interview, Sigve focuses on:

  • How current managed pressure drilling techniques are being harnessed and improved to push the boundaries of HPHT and eHPHT drilling

  • The effect that the blowout of the world's best known HPHT well at Macondo in the Gulf of Mexico has had on the way HPHT ventures are scrutinised by operators and the public at large

  • Where HPHT and eHPHT technology will be in the next decade with regards to innovations in technology


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