Live Recording: Accelerating O&G Automation: Practical Lessons from the Front Line

Accelerating O&G Automation: Practical Lessons from the Front Line with IA Leader and Managing Director at Huron

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With innovative solutions on the rise and oil and gas companies raising the competitive edge, the technology market has taken the world by storm.  Yet, companies continue to face challenges with employee satisfaction, customer experience, workforce productivity, and manual errors directly affecting business process quality.  How do we overcome these challenges?

Intelligent automation has introduced key advantages to the oil and gas industry and the digital workforce is dedicated to the mission of improving efficiency, reducing burden of non-value work, while also decreasing manual and repetitive tasks.

Accelerate your intelligent automation journey by learning from real-world experience of our experts. Recorded LIVE at Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Online 2020, Huron’s Scott Leshinski and Taylor Kennedy share their insight behind the process of transforming a business for automation while answering key questions, such as:

  • How do I get started with automation?
  • How have others approached automation – both within and outside the oil and gas industry.  Did it work?
  • What should I be aware of when implementing an automation in my team?
  • What is that ‘secret sauce’ when attempting to define success via change?

Taylor Kennedy, Intelligent Automation Leader, Huron

Scott Leshinski, Managing Director, Huron

Andy Otterman, Director of IT, Tallgrass Energy