Live Recording: Predictive Asset Optimization in Oil & Gas

Predictive Asset Optimization in Oil & Gas with Jim Chappell, Head of AI & Advanced Analytics, AVEVA

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Predictive Asset Optimization is the next generation of Predictive Maintenance, taking it to the next level of intelligence and sophistication by combining AI with simulation to achieve in-depth risk analysis along with very early detection of asset issues. 

Recorded LIVE at Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Online 2020, this session provides a full 360 degree view of risk and includes:

  • Deeper insight into asset anomalies
  • Detection of asset issues even earlier than through predictive analytics alone (also requiring less data for model training)
  • Asset remaining useful life forecast through deep learning
  • Impact analysis of degrading or failed assets
  • Process optimization around degrading or failed assets in order to allow more time for planning/scheduling of maintenance activities