Live Recording: Consolidating Software: Which ones to lose and which ones to choose

Panel discussion with ENGAGE, Basic Energy Services, Cimarex Energy, and Enbridge

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Recorded LIVE at Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Online 2020, the panel discussed:

  • What are your main decision making drivers when adopting new technology?
  • What are the biggest challenges to ditching your legacy systems, and how do you overcome those obstacles?
  • Does your company have a data lake set up? Do you have production sandbox for testing new tech?
  • Can you provide an example of when your company consolidated software?
  • What software that are important to your process today do you think will be obsolete in the next 10 years.
  • Consolidating software between departments opens an entirely new world of data and analytics that can be used to make better decisions.  What are some examples of how access to new data points impacted a decision you made?
  • What impact does M&A have on how you operate and more importantly, how you store and access pertinent data, given all companies use different technology and have different processes?
  • How can software consolidation impact business intelligence?
  • Right now, everyone is extremely budget conscious.  What do you see as the short term and long-term financial impacts to software consolidation?
  • Do you anticipate your 2020 technology budget going up or down?
  • When looking at consolidating software, is it better to find a new all-encompassing solution or would you rather merge into an existing software.  How do you make those decisions? 


Pedro Buhigas, Chief Information and Technology Officer, Basic Energy Services

Matt Weis, Business Operations Analyst, Corporate Management Systems, Cimarex Energy

Biju Misra, Director, Operations - Enterprise Services, Enbridge

Moderator: Rob Ratchinsky, CEO, ENGAGE