Live Recording: Solving Real World Problems with AI

Tianhao Wu, PhD, Chief Technology Officer and Michael Grant, Vice President North American Sales from Singularity Systems Inc.

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Oil & Gas companies have three significant data streams that are either processed manually or ignored: document data, image data, and time series data. Artificial Intelligence can refine that data to optimize your business operations. 

The energy sector is ripe for Al applications due to the availability of vast amounts of historical data records and new data streams coming from various channels and formats. 

Tianhao Wu, PhD, has been a data scientist for more than 15 years.  In 2005 he began working at, one of the first search engines to respond to questions in natural language rather than with traditional keyword search.  Since then he has been deeply enmeshed in helping machines and humans communicate in natural language. 

Recorded LIVE at Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas Online 2020, Dr. Wu discussed how Oil & Gas companies can take advantage of recent breakthroughs to solve real business problems with AI, by putting powerful AI tools in the hands of business SMEs to build their own models.

  • Natural Language Processing for more efficient document extraction and better business operations.
  • Image Classification and Recognition for quality control, damage assessment, area monitoring and change recognition.
  • Predictive Analytic for time series analysis and bespoke predictive models to create more profitable business outcomes.