Live Recording: Towards Net-zero Operations: Optimize Operations by Democratizing Advanced Analytics

Julian Pereira, Head of Customer Success EMEA, TrendMiner

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The oil & gas industry is on the path to Net-Zero operations due to environmental pressure. Big data offers great potential to come to new solutions. Different technologies and capital projects to decarbonise oil and gas productions are more and more common but a big chunk of the benefits can be gained by utilising the already collected sensor-generated time-series data. By democratizing analytics, where the power of analytics is put in the hands of the many operational experts at the production facilities, the largest number of improvements to operational performance can be gained.

Recorded LIVE at Intelligent Automation in Oil & Gas LIVE 2020, Julian Pereira, Head of Customer Success EMEA at TrendMiner, discussed the changing analytics landscape, show how pattern recognition and machine learning help engineers quickly analyse operational performance and discuss some use cases how leverage data and advanced analytics to accelerate the transition towards net-zero operations.