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Leadership, strong management, and access to the right information at the right time to make effective decisions has never been more important as we move into a future characterized by the digital oilfield, instant communications and the opportunities presented by new technologies and new media. From oil price forecast discussions, to natural gas outlook analysis, this industry resource centre is the place to benefit from big picture best practice to ensure you are able to deliver the growth you need. Start Exploring Today.

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Posted: 10/15/2017
rig cgi
Norwegian oil giant’s discovery in the Moray Firth basin could breathe new life into a mature basin Full Content »
Posted: 10/13/2017
In this analysis, we ask FPSO experts to give us a number of crucial considerations when opting for a value
engineering approach to a floater project. Full Content »
Posted: 10/12/2017
Anand Laxshmivarahan looks from the inside out at how next generation IT is going to revolutionise the energy business Full Content »
Posted: 10/10/2017
refinery sunset
In the follow up to his previous exploration of the so-called “asset swamp”, John Woodhouse outlines a four-point checklist for switching to a culture based on demand-driven data specification Full Content »
Posted: 10/06/2017
nodding donkey
Has the world’s largest oilfield services provider set an industry precedent with the acquisition of production acreage? Full Content »
Posted: 09/29/2017
ai hal 9000
A recent Oil & Gas IQ survey has uncovered that the suite of novel technologies, including everything from artificial intelligence to chatbots, will shake up every vertical in the hydrocarbons supply chain by 2020. Full Content »
Posted: 09/20/2017
oil rig
In our continuing focus on decommissioning on the UK continental shelf, Kyla Mandel examines a recent study on the atmospheric hazards of depleted wells in British waters Full Content »
Posted: 09/19/2017
The fact is, most companies just don’t know what to do with the majority of the data they’re collecting. So it just sits there.

Demand-driven data is what companies should strive for. In this article, John Woodhouse highlights the pre-preparation and realisation needed to make this process work. Full Content »
Posted: 09/17/2017
The oil and gas world has changed immensely since the oil price crash in 2014, changing the way that companies have approached their long-established contract processes.

In this survey, we are asking for five minutes of your time to let us know how the past two years have affected the growth of your contracts. As a thank you, we will send you an infographic of the results once they have been collated. Full Content »
Posted: 09/15/2017
north sea



X-NONE Full Content »
Posted: 09/13/2017
In the following analysis, we look at four of the ways in which risk can be shared across the breadth of your supply chain to best effect. Full Content »
1311 results
of 120