The Top 10 Oil & Gas Articles of 2012

Sumit Dutta

In this feature Oil & Gas IQ presents the ten most read Oil & Gas Articles of 2012.

Six Clauses Every Oil & Gas Professional Should Know

The legal world governs everything that we do as an industry, yet even seasoned legal professionals fall foul of elemental mistakes in contract knowledge. So what six contract clauses should you be au fait with in the oil and gas sector? Read more


In The Boardroom this week, I speak with HPHT expert John Watters, Regional Well Engineering Manager for Egypt, Australia & China at BG Group about success and failure in the high pressure high temperature (HPHT) arena and how the skills shortage might jeopardise future HPHT developments. Read more

The World Energy Outlook to 2040 According to ExxonMobil

In 2040, what types of energy will the world use, and how much? How will new technologies, efficiencies and policies impact the market? These are some of the questions that are examined in ExxonMobil's "Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040" report Read more

Asdza Nadleehe

In the wake of the Amuay Refinery explosion in Venezuela, Asdza Nadleehe takes a look at the five worst disasters to have befallen the oil and gas industry on land Read more

Asdza Nadleehe

As of the beginning of 2012, there were more than 190,000 kilometres of hydrocarbon-carrying pipelines planned or under construction worldwide - enough to wrap around the globe almost five times. In this piece we look at the five of the most significant pipeline projects taking place across this vast area. Read more

Asdza Nadleehe

In the gas-rich MENA region, LNG is becoming the energy solution of choice for those nations with ambition and burgeoning populations. In this piece, Asdza Nadleehe looks at five countries that are using LNG to secure their national energy futures Read more

Tim Haïdar

This week Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Diamond Jubilee. In this article we take a look at some of the events that have shaped the oil and gas world in the last 60 years, from Suez to shale gas. Read more

Steven Suykens, Project Coordinator of Shutdowns for the Belgian Refining Corporation explains how to keep within the shutdown duration to attain efficient machinery up-time. Read more

India: The Emerging Capital Of Global Oil Refining

2012 will see India become Asia's largest refinery of oil products. First Asia, then the world? We take a look at how India could become the de facto powerhouse of global refining. Read more

The Texas Anti-Indemnity Law – what does it mean for your business?

On 1 January 2012, HB 2093, The Texas Anti-Indemnity Law, came into effect. What are the ramefications of this new legislation for companies working inside and out of the Lone Star state? Read more

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