The Top 10 Oil & Gas Columns of 2012

Sumit Dutta

In this feature Oil & Gas IQ presents the ten most read Oil & Gas Columns of 2012.

Jacqui Walker-Sutton Safety Culture - It’s All About Trust And Integrity: In her first column for Oil & Gas IQ, Jacqui Walker-Sutton of Human Performance & Leadership Ltd takes a look at the "trust" and "blame" factors that underlie corporate safety culture. read more

Jacqui Walker-Sutton Sartre & Safety Culture: The Choices You Make…: In Jacqui Walker-Sutton's second column, she takes a look at how despite the stipulations and regulations prescribed in the rule books, safety culture is, rather existentially, defined by the the choices you make read more

Derek Park Is There Still A Place For The Autocratic Manager In Modern Industry?: History has often admired and applauded the autocratic manager, but have there been that many successful autocrats, and does the top-down leadership style have a place in the modern day business arena? Columnist Derek Park investigates. read more

Derek Park Is The Oil & Gas Industry Serious About Asset Integrity?: More than one year after the Gulf of Mexico disaster, are BP and the rest of the industry genuine about wanting change in the way things are done? read more

Derek Park Boxing The Chimp; What Could We Learn From The London Olympics?: As a true Brit I have been gripped for the last fortnight as Team GB won gold after Olympic gold. The top moments for me; Mo Farah kicking off the last bend and on to victory in the 10,000m and 5,000m races, and Andy Murray serving a clean ace to win the singles gold. But perhaps most impressive has been the performance of the British cyclists. Is there something our industry can learn from these super athletes? read more

Derek Park Reliability, Safety And Cost Savings - Buy One Get Two Free: Against a background of aging assets and cost reduction, industry is still looking for improvements in safety and productivity.What are the five things to take into consideration to improve this in perpetuity? read more

Derek Park The Rogue's Gallery: A List of Oil & Gas Characters You Might Recognise: A good manager achieves nothing on his own. He needs the people around him to act if he is to make any difference at all. This dependence on others means that one person could frustrate the best intentions of managers if for any reason they decide not to play their part. read more

Tim Haïdar Obama, Romney, Aeschylus And US Energy Independence: After 18 months of beating the political trail in a campaign rumoured to top $2.5 billion, the US election is upon on us. No more hustings and stump speeches, no more attack ads and personal hit pieces, just paper ballots, voting machines and choices. In an election as tight as any in history, the destiny of the USA could all hinge on whether nine bellwether states turn Red or Blue in the race to the MAGIC 270 electoral college votes. A crucial 20 per cent of those 270 votes will come from Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia – all of which share a portion of the Marcellus Shale Formation. read more

Thomas Fox EADS and Tales of Whistleblowers: A Compliance Nightmare?: What is a compliance professional’s worst nightmare? In this article by LexisNexis Top 20 law blogger Tom Fox, we look at how turning a blind eye can make a bad situation into a global, multi-jurisdictional, multiparty horror show read more

David Hone 2012, A Year Of Greater Concern, But Limited Action: In this column, Climte Change Advisor for Shell, David Hone, reflects on the energy industry's fight against climate change in 2012. read more

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