On This Day in Oil & Gas: March 15th - Ides Of March

Idus Martiae, Romae, DCCX ab urbe condita – The culmination of a conspiracy of sixty high ranking members of the Roman Republic. Gaius Julius Caesar, the man who was thrice offered the crown of the Eternal City and thrice rejected it, lies dead in the Theatre of Pompey.

Stabbed 23 times by some of the men he called his friends, an assassination that was calculated to stop a tyrant in his tracks put into motion the drive towards four centuries of imperial domination and despotism.

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At its height under the rule of Emperor Trajan, the Roman Empire would cover 2.75 million km² and encompass 57 million inhabitants. Had Rome endured until the present day, it would now sit atop 302.4 billion barrels of oil or one fifth of the world’s total proven reserves. Thank the Gods Nero couldn’t get his hands on some good seismic and a handful of drill rigs!

PS. Get Plutarch’s account of the assassination of Caesar here


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