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Crash, Bang, Wall Street
Published: 2018-10-31
October 24th, 1929, New York, New York State, United States of America –A day like any other in North America’s most populous city. But today there would be a more sinister bite to the cold autumnal breeze. The Roaring Twenties were about to come to an end with an almighty crash.
After weeks of preparation, an audacious plan is about to whir into motion at an airfield constructed to stage the US First Air Force in World War II.
April 4th 1984, Victory Mansions, Airstrip One, Oceania – It is a cold, bright day. A downtrodden dogsbody of a man drags himself back home from his office for lunch at his apartment.
21st March 1768, Auxerre, Burgundy, The Kingdom of France– A son is born into the household of a tailor in the heart of France.
On this day in oil and gas: March 14
Published: 2014-03-14
March 14th 1910, Kern County, California, United States of America - The ground begins to rumble in the California Central Valley.
March 7th, 1765, Chalon-sur-Saõne, Saõne-et-Loire, The Kingdom of France – A second son is born into the family of a wealthy Burgundian lawyer in a busy inland port town on the Saõne river.
February 14 th 1945, USS Quincy (CA-71), On The Great Bitter Lake, Egypt – A Baltimore class heavy cruiser of the United States Navy is anchored in a salt water lake that forms part of the Suez Canal. We are some seven mon...
February 7th, 1990, 4 Staraya Square, Moscow, The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – A neoclassical building. A smoke-filled room. An archetypally cold winter’s day in the capital of the USSR.
January 31st, 1606, London, Kingdom of England - A frail man climbs the gallows in the Old Palace Yard at Westminster. Weakened by daily tortures, he is three inches taller than he was three months ago. He has just seen two of h...
January 24th 1848, Culloma, Alta California, Mexico – A 38-year old New Jerseyan carpenter is surveying the water course on the site of a proposed sawmill mere days before California becomes an Americ...
January 17, 1706, Boston, Province of Massachusetts Bay, Kingdom of England – A son is born to a soap maker and his wife on Milk Street , the financial district of the largest city in British North America. One of ten sibl...
January 10th 1870, Ohio, United States of America – Six business men submit a document of incorporation to the registry office in Cleveland, Ohio. The group comprises a chemist, an owner of general stores, a distiller, a f...
December 20, 1946, New York, New York, United States of America – More than 1000 stars of the silver screen, spectators and critics line the sidewalk outside Broadway’s Globe Theatre located at 205 West 46th Street in midtown-Manhattan.
December 13th 1577, Plymouth, The Kingdom of England – A man stands on the quarter deck of the 22-gun galleon, Pelican, looking out over a calm but grey mid-winter sea. On his command the sails unfurl over this an...
December 6th 1863, Thompson, Ohio, The United States of America – As the American Civil War rages, a son is born to parents just returned from missionary work in Jamaica. The youngest of five siblings...
29th November 1849, Lancaster, Lancashire, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland – The eldest of seven children is born to Congregational minister James Fleming and Mrs. Mary Ann Fleming in the northeast of England.
22nd November 1963, Dallas, Texas, USA, 12:30pm CST – A black 1961 Lincoln Continental 4-door convertible makes a left off Houston Street onto Elm.
November 15th, 1971 – An advertisement appears in the niche publication Electronic News for a brand new component from a three-year old electronics company. The advert featured a picture of a littl...
November 8th 1904, The Northwest Territories, Province of Canada, The British Empire - After 109 years of continuous habitation by European settlers, a small town of 700 souls on the North Saskatchewan River is incorporated as a city.
November 1st 1880, Berlin, German Empire – A fifth and final child is born to theologian, classics teacher and orphanage director Richard Wegener and his wife, Anna.
October 25, 1861, Toronto, Ontario, Province of Canada, The British Empire - As the First Battle of Springfield rages to the south in the American Civil War, twenty-four businessmen gather at the Toronto Masonic Hall.
October 18th, 1867, Sitka, Russian America, The Russian Empire – It is cold and a soldier is stuck at the top of a flagpole.
October 11th 1889, Sale, Cheshire, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland – A 71-year old man breathes his last at home on the south bank of the River Mersey.
October 4th 1947, G÷ttingen, Lower Saxony, West Germany – An 89-year old man dies at home in a quaint University town largely-spared from the ravages of the Second World War.
September 27th, 1825, Stockton-on-Tees, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland – Forty thousand spectators burst into rapturous applause and a 21-gun salute sounds off to mark a monumental world’s first.