On This Day in Oil & Gas: May 3rd - Vagn Walfrid Ekman

May 3rd, 1874 - Today we celebrate the birthday of Vagn Walfrid Ekman, born 139 years ago on this very day in Stockholm, Sweden.The son of prominent oceanographer, Fredrik Laurentz Ekman, Vagn Walfrid would dedicate his life to the study of marine science whilst reading physics at his alma mater, the University of Uppsala.

His work would yield a slew of eponymous inventions like the Ekram current meter and Ekram water bottle, and theorems like the Ekram Spiral and Ekram Transport, without which our understanding of the seas that cover 71 per cent of the Earth’s surface would be greatly impoverished. As would our ability to successfully drill for hydrocarbons, produce hydrocarbons, transport hydrocarbons – you catch the drift

P.S. For a more in depth look at the life and work of V.W. Ekman, click here



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