On this day in oil and gas: November 9 - The Berlin Wall

November 9th was truly a momentous day.

After a series of anti-Communist revolutions beginning in Poland in 1989, 1,380 kilometres of concrete wall, erected in 1961 to separate the citizens of East and West Germany fell under hammer blows. After years of corrosion, the Iron Curtain would finally begin to crumble away and the world would be reshaped.

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The 1990s would see Perestroika, the "restructuring" of the former Soviet Union and the emergence of independent states like Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan as oil and gas powerhouses in their own right. As thousands sang and danced atop that monument to division on this day 23 years ago today, not even they could have imagined that everything would change forever.

P.S. To hear the music that brought the wall down, click here




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