Scotland’s biggest newspaper runs with Oil & Gas IQ decommissioning story

Diana Raicu

The oil and gas industry is finally talking about dismantling the elephant in the room

The tanking of oil and gas prices in 2014 has had a trenchant effect on the industry at large, with full spectrum lay-offs and bankruptcies dominating the headlines for the past two years.

As assets with high break-even prices became economical albatrosses for their operators, decommissioning became a more logical step than ever before.

Recently, Oil & Gas IQ’s editor, Tim Haïdar, wrote his analysis of decommissioning on the UK and Norwegian Continental Shelves in a feature entitled Price woes have created a decommissioning maelstrom in the North Sea.

“This article has had the most feedback Oil and Gas IQ has received since its inception in 2010” said Haïdar. “To me this really shows that the decommissioning story is starting to unfold in an industry-wide context for the first time.

“With more than 500 platforms needing to come out of service in the coming 13 years, it has taken the biggest oil price dive in a generation to get the industry moving in the right direction.”

Haïdar’s article was recently featured in The Press and Journal, Scotland’s oldest and most widely-circulated daily newspaper.

Read the article in full at the Press and Journal’s site here.