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It’s hard to imagine that just seven years ago the future of the U.S. oil and gas industry - oil production was in steep decline and natural gas discoveries were diminishing.
Population Growth, Higher Fuel Demands and Future Energy Forecasts The world’s population is expected to increase by more than
University of Michigan economics professor Dr. Mark J. Perry was quick to point out a potentially significant factor.
The renewable fuel standard [part 3]
Published: 2013-06-24
This means that consumers have to use more ethanol to travel the same distance as drivers filling up their tanks with gasoline. The information below, which was produced by the EPA and the Energy Department, demonstrates the real costs to consumers – lowered fuel economy.
The renewable fuel standard: part 2]
Published: 2013-06-24
EPA labels affixed to gas station pumps say E15 is safe for nearly all vehicles manufactured in 2001 and newer. However, a three year study conducted by the American Petroleum Institute found that E15 can damage the engines of the majority of pre-2012 vehicles and will void car warranties.
The Renewable Fuel Standard [part 1]
Published: 2013-06-24
Environmental fallacy is defined as "the blunder of ignoring or not understanding the effects of the environment of a system."
Shale Production is Driving Growth The Shale Oil & Gas boom...
Contrary to popular belief, roughly 97 percent of publicly traded oil and gas shares in the U.S. are held by individual investors in the form of IRAs, mutual funds and private of public pension plans.
Criticisms of oil and gas earnings are common because they are prominently reported. Considering the scalability of large oil and gas companies, there is nothing out of the ordinary about their revenue figures, especially when compared to other industries.