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Posted: 03/10/2011
Strategies for Managing Risk While Drafting Oil and Gas Contracts
With the industry growing steadily, solutions around the latest issues and challenges are under development, which is why essential risk management techniques need to be applied. Since contract risks have the potential of generating multi-million dollar expenses, a fact made clear following incidents which took place earlier this year in the oil and gas industry, these documents are given special attention in order to make them reliable sources. Full Article »
Posted: 05/17/2011
Oil and Gas Tech: Business Value of 3D Virtual Planning, Simulation In The Energy Business
Companies in the global energy industry are under intense pressure from all directions. Compliance with increasingly stringent health, safety and environmental regulations is mandatory. New facilities must be brought online quickly, an aging infrastructure must be upgraded and modernized, retiring workforce with the potential loss of know-how and experience, must be replaced, — all with minimal service interruptions. The oil and gas segment in particular has significant challenges, most of which can be solved with virtual planning and simulation technology. Full Whitepaper »