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This oil and gas operations resource focuses on world oil production, offshore oil production, oil management initiatives, and gas production.

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Posted: 01/09/2018
Optimising Shutdown Strategies Report
As operators contend with narrow profit margins, volatile markets and the tightening noose of emissions control optimising, the strategic and diligent planning of a shutdown and turnaround strategy is more important than ever. Oil & Gas IQ spoke to four industry experts to hear their thoughts on the benefits and drawbacks of strategic long-term shutdown planning. Full Content »
Posted: 01/09/2018
Ahead of the 15th Annual Shutdowns and Turnarounds Summit, Oil & Gas IQ surveyed over 2,000 members of the STO community to gain a deeper understanding of how the sector is continuing to move forward in challenging market conditions; as well as new opportunities and trends for the coming years. Full Content »
Contributor: Oil & Gas IQ Surveys
Posted: 12/07/2017
In EMA's annual Floating Production Systems (FPS) survey, global professionals reveal how the past two years have affected their Offshore Oil & Gas business and what they think the future has in store. Full Content »
Contributor: Phil Murray
Posted: 11/10/2017
Petrotechnics interview
Phil Murray, CEO of Petrotechnics, believes digitalisation in the oil and gas industry is about “enabling everyone to make better operational decisions” while balancing risk, productivity and cost. He explains to Oil and Gas IQ why it is imperative to connect smart people with smart devices for smart decisions in a successful digital transformation. Full Content »
Contributor: Tim Haïdar
Posted: 10/30/2017
This exclusive report, produced in association with AVEVA – the world leading engineering software provider to the plant, power and marine industries – provides research and guidance on the dangers posed to oil and gas projects from rework. Full Content »
Contributor: Diana Raicu
Posted: 10/15/2017
rig cgi
Norwegian oil giant’s discovery in the Moray Firth basin could breathe new life into a mature basin Full Content »
Contributor: Diana Raicu
Posted: 10/06/2017
nodding donkey
Has the world’s largest oilfield services provider set an industry precedent with the acquisition of production acreage? Full Content »
Contributor: Diana Raicu
Posted: 09/15/2017
north sea



X-NONE Full Content »
Contributor: Oil & Gas IQ Surveys
Posted: 09/09/2017
In this survey, we are asking for 5-10 minutes of your time to let us know where you are on your oil and gas digital transformation journey. We will send you an infographic of the results once they have been collated. Full Content »
Contributor: Diana Raicu
Posted: 09/01/2017
The most violent storm in more than a decade has left the world’s largest crude oil refining nation reeling. In the wake of the first major hurricane to make landfall since 2005, the buckling of US energy infrastructure has sent shockwaves throughout the nation and gasoline prices soaring. Full Content »
Contributor: Sirisha Paladhi
Posted: 09/01/2017
As the global oil and gas industry climbs out of the trough of a two-year-long slump, Sirisha Paladhi takes a look at how applications of artificial intelligence (AI) could be a godsend for a sector that has been slammed by falling profits. Full Content »
363 results
of 33