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Oil and Gas Operations

This oil and gas operations resource focuses on world oil production, offshore oil production, oil management initiatives, and gas production.

Contributor: Oil & Gas IQ News
Posted: 09/28/2016
Plant facility OG
The global methanol market is undergoing dynamic transformations, reports HIS Chemical. Automotive and construction applications are the largest demand drivers. New markets are also emerging from methanol to olefins projects, direct methanol blending into gasoline and methanol conversion into gasoline. Full Article »
Posted: 06/25/2015
Motorola Solutions for Oil & Gas: SCADA over TETRA - Remote Telemetry
Lau Siew San of Motorola Solutions explains how a remote telemetry solution is applied with SCADA over TETRA. Just another example of what TETRA customers can use their network besides voice. Full Video »
Contributor: Tim Haïdar
Posted: 06/04/2014
In this exclusive podcast, we speak with Fred Haney, Executive Director, Design Engineering at Fluor Corporation and the inventor of 3rd Gen Modular Execution about modular construction from the EPC viewpoint. In the course of this interview, Fred touches on: Logistical challenges associated with large-scale modular construction and Full Podcast »
Contributor: Martin Richards, José María Sotomayor, and Rune Olsen
Posted: 08/04/2015
Martin Richards, José María Sotomayor, and Rune Olsen
As the price of crude oil again approaches five-year lows, it’s more critical than ever for owner-operators to effectively manage the collaboration with their extended teams of suppliers and vendors. Despite the changing market dynamics, energy companies continue to invest in a growing number of capital projects, especially in emerging regions of the world. Full Column »
Contributor: Dr. Yaw A Twumasi
Posted: 05/11/2017
Yaw Twumasi
Since the discovery of oil in the Niger Delta region, the sector’s contribution to Nigeria’s economy came at a huge environmental cost involving recurrent spills resulting in the spewing of oil into sensitive ecosystems. In the process, gas flaring from the industry has accelerated at an alarming rate and degrading the fragile mangrove ecosystem. Full Whitepaper »