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Smart Ships Serving Megacities?: One Possible Future For Offshore Vessels

Hosted By: Tim Haïdar
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About this Podcast...

With a downturn in economic fortunes the world over and pressures on carbon emission reduction, where is the future of shipping headed?

In this exclusive interview, we speak with Professor Jùrgen Ùrstrùm Mùller of the Singapore Management University & Copenhagen Business School, about the marcoeconomic issues that are shaping the shipping sector of the future.

Author of Political Economy In A Globalized World, Professor Mùller touches on:

  • The realities of debt in the modern economy
  • The end of 200 years of energy abundance and the ushering in of the era of energy scarcity
  • Regression in the global container market and the insourcing and onshoring of previously outsourced and offshored capabilities
  • OSV and LNG conversion
  • Offshore wind opening up the OSV market
  • Arctic region opening a new OSV market
  • The advent of megacities and megaregions supplanting nation states as economic drivers nation states coming
  • The shrinking of the supply chain from global into compact regional sectors
  • How the cost of transport and oil price is influencing shipping
  • How the growth of rail transport in China will affect the use of OSVs in the Asian arena


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