Local content and oil and gas: boon companions?

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Sumit Dutta

In this Oil & Gas IQ interview at the 2015 Global Local Content Summit, Dr Jesse Salah Ovadia, discusses the industrial and governmental factors in oil and gas local content policy.

Dr Ovadia is Lecturer in International Political Economy Director of the MA in Globalization, Poverty and Development School of Geography, Politics and Sociology at the Newcastle University and author of the Book "The Petro Development state in Africa"


In this interview Jesse answers the following:

- Does the Oil & Gas Industry take the role of Local Content seriously enough?
- What value and benefits does Local Content offer Host Countries and Communities?
- Should governments take more of an active role in driving Local Content policy?
- What are the key factors and challenges when developing a Local Content Strategy?
- What Are the timeframes when it comes to Host regions implementing Local Content Policies?

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