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A Case Of Mistaken Indemnity - Why People Get This Wrong And How Not To Kill Your Company

Hosted By: Tim Haïdar
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About this Podcast...

In this exclusive interview, Tim Haðdar speaks with Emma Opara, Senior Contracts Specialist at Fugro Survey Ltd about the perils that await oil and gas companies when indemnity clauses go wrong.

Emma is has more than 8 years of commercial experience in providing business support and compliance management to oil & gas companies in West Africa and the United Kingdom. Her areas of expertise include drafting legal and corporate template documents (including contracts, MOUs, variations, MHH agreements, employee handbooks & policies, etc.); negotiating & closing out corporate transactions, risk management, advising on statutory compliance, dispute resolution, and litigation management.

In the course of her interview Emma touches on:

  • Exploring contract limitations of both warranties and indemnities
  • Identifying allocation of risk and the issues surrounding mitigation
  • Successfully save time and money in drafting your contracts with clear and precise indemnity clauses
  • Analysing examples of indemnity interpretation and causes of disputes between counterparties
  • Understanding how consistency can be achieved in indemnity programmes against a cyclical contracting cycle