Oil & Gas contract drafting: 84% of lawyers still think Macondo is a factor

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Oil & Gas IQ has just released a summary report of the results from an industry survey conducted earlier in the year. In the survey Oil & Gas IQ addressed what the legal oil and gas industry deemed to be some of the concerns and opportunities in the industry today.

To gain insight into the industry today and see the results, the survey report is available to download free of charge from the Contract Risk Management Training for Oil & Gas download centre at www.contractrisktraining.com/news.

Contract Risk Management Training for Oil & Gas

The survey was conducted in association with the 2013 Contract Risk Management for Oil & Gas training course. The training course has been specifically designed in reaction to an in-depth industry research survey conducted last year. Having listened to the industry, we will be addressing the key challenges and training requirements raised by Oil and Gas legal professionals working within today’s industry landscape.

Taking place over two days the training course will deliver both theoretical sessions followed by interactive case study-led working groups to ensure the practical application of the lessons learned.

The course is led by Jim Bergman, Vice President of Training at IACCM. Jim has twenty years of experience in commercial and procurement contract development, negotiation and management. With experience comes knowledge and a high quality programme - just have a look at the website www.contractrisktraining.com/news.

To view the Contract Drafting: 84% OF Lawyers Still think Macondo Is A Factorreport or for more information about the upcoming Contract Risk Training for Oil & Gas visit www.contractrisktraining.com/newsor phone +44 (0)207 368 9300.

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