Oil & Gas IQ's contract risk training course back by popular demand

Building on the success of the July edition of Oil & Gas IQ's Contract Risk Management training course for Oil & Gas, another edition of the course is due to take place in Aberdeen this October.

With last year's incident in the Gulf of Mexico bringing contract risk management to the top of everyone's agenda, the subject matter of the training course has proved to be a top priority for the oil and gas community.

The training course takes place 10th - 11th October in Aberdeen and addresses key issues involved in managing contracts effectively.

"This year our contract risk management in oil and gas events have seen an unprecedented interest from attendees" says Richard Gibson, event director at Oil & Gas IQ. "In the last year we have seen a period of significant economic and political upheaval which has served to heighten the focus on contract risk management that was prompted by the Macondo blow out and subsequent oil disaster that started a year ago."

Providing unique insight into contract management in a way that traditional conferences do not, this course will provide a very different type of experience. The unique mix of lectures, visual presentations and team based exercises really engage the audience and provide an exciting environment in which to learn.

For more information about the training programme, please visit: www.contractrisktraining.com