[EBOOK] Top Five Global Patent Concerns

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What keeps the patent industry awake at night?

During the past few months our colleagues at the Legal IQ network have been working hard with industry experts to prepare the latest whitepaper based on leaders’ insights from Google, Shell, EPO, Nokia and more.

We have shared their findings in the Top Five Global Patent Concerns eBook

IP professionals are constantly being pulled in different directions. In today’s global markets, it is crucial to understand international legal frameworks across a wide range of diverse regions in order to anticipate change, harvest business opportunities and make strategic decisions to maximise return on your IP portfolio.

With Europe introducing the Unified Patent Court, China producing initial feedback from its new specialised IP court and the US seeing an increasingly activist Supreme Court, keeping an overview of what is going on around the globe has never been more important.

Knowing how to successfully harness your monetisation strategies, protection methods and open innovation has now become the key competitive differentiator in litigation. Additionally, the need to focus on generating value to your business through patent portfolio is paramount, whether this is through licensing or acquisition of patents and partnerships. Implementing and executing a powerful patent strategy which adds value to the business, aligns with business strategy and works closely with R+D/ management has never been more important.


Key findings from our survey include:

42.86% of survey respondents selected the U.S as the region they had seen the biggest increase in patent involvement for their companies over the last 18 months

The three key challenges identified to be faced by the majority of companies in the near to mid future in the patent field were:

  1. Finding and being able to successfully use general defence strategies to protect your global portfolio
  2. Understanding and analysing changing rules across different jurisdictions due to the lack of harmonisation
  3. Being cost effective with litigation

When asked which types of topics were most relevant to their day to day work, 50% of respondents selected IP portfolio management and technology as their highest concern. 42% highlighted patent litigation, protection and enforcement as their second biggest concern which was closely followed by 33% identifying patent monetisation, licensing and marketplace as their third major concern.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • How Google continually deliver a successful IP litigation strategy
  • What it takes to be a good litigator?
  • Lessons from the Swiss Federal Patent Court
  • How Nokia and Shell ensures consistent monetisation of their patents
  • Understanding the benefits to be gained from technology transfer licensing
  • Lessons from Actelion Pharmaceuticals on effective worldwide litigation

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