[INFOGRAPHIC] Bakken Booming

Sumit Dutta

Longer laterals and pad drilling help push production in the Bakken and are driving prospeity in North Dakota.

The Bakken play is churning out some 700,000 bpd in a liquids market that hit 3 million bpd in 2013. Currently, North Dakota has only one other refinery - the 60,000 bpd Tesoro facility at Mandan. Some projections foresee the Bakken becoming one of the elite 1 Million bpd Club alongside supergiant fields like Ghawar and Cantarell in 2014, others see a rapid peak and decline. Read more

Learn more in this Infographic from Hart Energy

The Burgeoning Bakken

The Burgeoning Bakken
, to learn more about the Bakken shale play and whats happening in the different shale plays visit the Unconventional Oil and Gas Center, a Hart Energy publication.



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