Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas Summit - Oil & Gas Industry Event Preview

Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas
02 - 04 June, 2014 | Calgary, Alberta Canada

"Implementing a performance improvement program does not
guarantee improved performance"

Since releasing the agenda-at-a-glance for our Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas forum this coming June 2-4 in Calgary, many of you have asked me to see a full version of the sessions and content. We are excited to announce that the full agenda is now available!

Download the agenda for the Calgary Operational Excellence in Oil and Gas Summit.

Introducing just a few of our speakers:

Mark Little,
Vice President, Business Excellence, Cenovus

Jesse Hall, Director of Continuous Improvement and Document Management,Suncor

Susan Lubell,
Reliability Lead,
MEG Energy

Mike Bonine,
Devon Manager, Operational Excellence, Devon Energy

Greg Bussing,
Director and Head of Center of Excellence, ConocoPhillips

Alastair Perry, General Manager, Operational Excellence Oil and Gas,

Coen Fossen, Maintenance and Integrity Manager, Shell

Gord Aker,
General Manager, Production Reliability, Penn West

Visit www.opexinoilandgas.com to view the complete list!

Join us this June where you will have an paralleled opportunity to be inspired by new ideas, network with new contacts and discover new technologies and solutions.

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