Digital Oilfields: Seven Things To Be Aware Of Before Investing In New Technology - PART 4

Tim Haïdar

6) Replacements & Upgrades

You may have only just purchased and installed your brand new system, but that does not mean that you should not already be thinking towards the future. Obsolescence - planned or otherwise - is a constant in any field of technology and the next upgrade may be just around the corner.

In the case of physical replacement of parts, it may be wise to stock up on the essential "nuts & bolts" in preparation for the off chance of a malfunction. It is always better to take a proactive rather than reactive stance in the maintenance realm.

7) Remote Use & Security

As the oil and gas industry ventures into harsher climates and plumbs deeper depths than ever before, the need for increasingly more remote and mobile solutions is on the rise.

One of the perceived fallibilities of wireless communication methods is the inherent insecurity of a wireless signal that could be intercepted and then interfered with. It is prudent to rigorously assess the security credentials of the system you are implementing to makes sure that information retrieval offshore and by wifi is impervious to attack.