Digital Oilfields: Seven Things To Be Aware Of Before Investing In New Technology - PART 3

Tim Haïdar

4) Compatibility & Installation

When you are talking about technology, an important factor to take into account is whether there is a common platform that your new software or technology can run on. This will significantly diminish the time needed for installation and acclimatisation to a new framework. Remember: even the best instrument can generate poor results if not installed correctly.

5) Maintainability, Serviceability & Reparability

In a business context, downtime is the enemy of profitability. Through peer recommendation and solution provider case studies, it is important to predict how long you think your new system can perform without failure?

In the inevitable instance that your system does go down, you will need to gage how easy it is to conduct inspections and servicing and how straightforward it is to conduct a system restore after a critical or partial breakdown.