THE BOARDROOM: 4 Out Of Every 5 Oil & Gas Megaprojects Fail. But why?

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Tim Haïdar

In this edition of The Boardroom, we speak to Edward W. Merrow, founder and CEO of Independent Project Analysis, Inc about the startling number of megaprojects that do not hit the mark in the oil and gas industry.

Ed is a recognized expert on the development and execution of large and complex megaprojects and is sought out by Fortune 500 company executives and professionals worldwide. His expertise in megaprojects is built on decades of research on the unique challenges of these complex investments. With the recent surge in megaproject activity across the oil, minerals, and chemical industries in all parts of the world, Ed’s studies are motivated by the industry’s need to develop and execute these projects more successfully in the years ahead.

In this interview, Ed touches on:

  • The criteria that define a successful megaproject
  • Comparing the oil & gas sector to other heavy industries in the realm of megaproject delivery
  • The barriers to success and why we fail
  • How to make successful delivery second nature
  • Whether the lessons learned in megaprojects are apt to be rolled out in smaller developments




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