Energy IT & Data Management Experts Convene For First Ever Digital Symposium

For the first time, 15 global data, knowledge and information management experts from the world’s most pioneering energy companies will unite for a unique online symposium tasked with the objective of identifying and solving the major issues facing IT and data infrastructure in the energy industry.

"As of 2011, the amount of data mankind is able to store is at least 295 exabytes of information. That's 315 times the number of grains of sand in the world. And how much of that information is flowing through the global oil and gas sector? In fifty years, humanity has gone from paper and punch cards to the real-time expanses of the digital oilfield." Said Tim Haidar, Editor-In-Chief, Oil and Gas IQ

The event will examine the key issues facing the industry including the challenge of data management programmes spanning multiple countries, design and operation of data and information management systems incorporating document management and data-information and measures to implement new data new standardisation protocol.

"Efficient and secure management of data and information has never been more important and process critical. The business case is self-evident: in the 21st century oil and gas world, digital asset integrity is as important as that of physical assets."

The panel includes George Rorie (SHELL EUROPE), Tore Hoff (STATOIL), Jim Crompton (CHEVRON) and representatives from Saudi Aramco, Energtistics, PIDX, IEF, KPC and Total and are scheduled to meet July 18 to August 1st 2011.

The event will be hosted online at: