"What we do is at the heart of the economy" - How A&D Is Driving The Oil & Gas Industry

In the opening speech of Oil & Gas IQ's Acquisition & Divestiture Summit 2011, conference chairman Ben Arabo of Atlantic Petroleum summarises the challenges and opportunities the last few years have brought to oil and gas financing.

In this insightful round up of the A&D world as it stands, Ben focuses on:

  • The challenging times since 2008's economic plummet - a bad time for world finance but not so for A&D particularly in the North Sea
  • The major role oil and gas still has to play in global power generation - 54 per cent of the world's energy supply is still derived from oil and natural gas sources
  • The impact that the "Arab Spring" has had on the oil and gas universe
  • How in times of increased disruption, A&D activity is also augmented
  • The outlook of the next few years: looking at prospects for deep water drilling and further investment in the North Sea


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