Boost productivity and efficiency in hazardous environments with innovative rugged technology

Collecting data in hazardous areas has become an essential part of a of mobile worker’s daily routine. Companies worldwide are beginning to see the value in gathering data electronically, to store it and exchange it with a control centre - thereby increasing the efficiencies involved in inspections.

To improve the accuracy of inspections, technology has been utilised throughout industrial environments, giving mobile workers real power at their disposal. This has now been extended to hazardous areas with a wide range of mobile computing devices specifically designed for capturing data on the move.

In this white paper, you will find out how state-of-the-art ruggedised technology can enable your company to:

  • Upload data in real-time

  • View schematics and images on the move

  • Take photos of issues and send images from hazardous areas

  • Communicate via VoIP

  • Increase the accuracy of location data

This white paper is for you if you work in:

  • Production

  • Reservoir

  • Petroleum Engineering

  • Field Development

  • Operations

  • Strategic

  • IT