Understanding API 6A Gate Valves (Infographic)

Sumit Dutta

In this infographic from Mirage Machines get an overview of API 6A gate valves and includes gate valve basics, what the API 6A standard covers and why valves fail.

Key points in this infographic:

  • Gate Valves are used for open and shut off and are not suitable for regulating flow.
  • API 6A is the American Petroleum Institute Standard for oil and gas wellhead equipment.
  • A forged body is stronger than cast body.
  • Valves with a slab gate are simpler than the expanding gate type and capable of withstanding greater working pressures.
  • Valves with an expanding gate are used to create a seal against both the upstream and downstream sealing faces.
  • There are 2 types of flange connection 6B and 6BX.
  • Commonest reasons for valve failure are seat / seal problems and underlying causes of scoring / galling.

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