Why your oil and gas projects are dying from rework

Tim Haïdar

Oil and gas projects are incurring fatal costs at the worst moment in the industry for 30 years.

3 in 4 projects are being scuppered by miscommunication. Project complexity & reliability of information is hampering efficiency in upwards of 70% of cases. And a lack of standardised data is causing significant disruptionin aligning objective.

Rework – the process of repeating a task that was incorrectly carried out in the first instance, or whose scope has changed due to circumstances – is the scourge of the project industries. With numerous, multidisciplinary teams working both together and individually on concurrent tasks, there are bound to be failures.

This exclusive report, produced in association with AVEVA – the world leading engineering software provider to the plant, power and marine industries – provides research and guidance on what you need to know to keep your projects away from the dangers of rework.