FPSO Resource Centre: Introduction to Floating Production Storage and Offloading

Sumit Dutta

Everything You Need to Know About FPSO (floating production storage and offloading)

An FPSO is a floating production storage offloading vessel employed by oil and gas companies to both process and store hydrocarbons.

A transportable platform, FPSO vessels are popular as they can be easily moved and installed to nearby platforms and also allow for easy transportation of oil to tankers or pipelines. Once an existing field has been depleted FPSO can then be moved to other locations. This makes them suitable for smaller fields which can be depleted quickly and avoids the need for installing permanent expensive pipelines.

The vessels often take the form of traditional tankers. In addition to dedicated vessels that are designed for FPSO, oil and gas tankers can be converted to an FPSO vessel which also makes them an economical and flexible option

The vessels are moored in place either via a central weathervane or by spread mooring which involves the vessel being anchored via multiple points on the sea floor. This allows them to operate in both deepwater and ultra deepwater environments which are designed to take into account local weather situations and can even be detached from moorings which makes them ideal in extreme weather conditions.

In addition to FPSO, there are other related systems such as FSO (Floating Storage and Offloading) FPS (Floating Production Systems) FSU (Floating Storage Units), FDPSO (Floating Drilling Production Storage and Offloading) and FLNG (Floating Liquid Natural Gas vessel).

As the use of FPSO and similar system grows so do the challenges of operating and managing an FPSO vessel.

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