Online Webinar: Capturing the Value of Digital Twins: How To Jumpstart Your Digital Twin Journey and Drive ROI Fast

Led by Panel Moderator: Sudhir Nelvagal, Vice President, Engineering, Owl Cyber Defense

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Digital Twins offer the opportunity to oil and gas companies to use the information they have at their fingertips to reduce operating expenses, accelerate production and make better – and faster - decisions. By replicating physical equipment or processes in a virtual environment, the technology allows companies to optimize asset management and operating processes in the virtual world before applying them in the real one.

Recorded live at Digital Twins in Oil & Gas 2020, the panel discussed:

  • Deconstructing digital twins: project vs performance
  • Securing leadership buy-in and commitment
  • Understanding how the use case for digital twin technology can vary depending on the project lifecycle
  • Getting the most ROI from your digital twin projects: Identifying what generates the most value vs just what the technology can do
  • Changing the way people work to realize value
  • Digital twins: how to uncover efficiencies at a rapid pace
  • Understanding the technology options: where to begin
  • Integrating suppliers into existing workflows to make the process seamless