Online Webinar: Digital Maturity in Upstream Oil & Gas: Are You a Starter or a Performer?

Dr Nick Mayhew, Chief Commercial Officer, Axora

Upstream O&G has always been at the forefront of technology development and adoption. To stay competitive, a new wave of transformation enabled by digital is now needed. Many companies have started on this journey, but they are facing challenges such as:

  • How to ensure tangible and sustainable impact?
  • How to efficiently scale solutions across assets, geographies and technical disciplines?
  • How to ensure adoption of the necessary changes in the front line of their businesses?

BCG has conducted a study with top companies in the industry to gauge digital maturity. Recorded live at OPEX in Oil & gas LIVE 2020, they share their latest thinking and insights from their recent study on digital maturity among 50 upstream O&G operators:

  • Digital maturity correlates with value delivery; "digital performers" are an average 6 ppt. higher 3-year TSR compared to the "digital starters"
  • Although there are pockets of excellence, most upstream O&G companies are struggling to deliver value from digital at scale
  • To accelerate their digital transformation, upstream operators need a pragmatic digital maturity assessment to get actionable guidance on where to focus to capture more value from digital