Online Webinar: The Digital Twin Journey: Practical Steps and Lessons Learned to Accelerate Implementation and Deliver Real Value

Helen Gilman, Consulting Partner, Wipro and Ganesh Bukka, Business Segment Leader - Industrial & Engineering Services, Wipro

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Recorded live at Digital Twins in Oil & Gas 2020, Helen and Ganesh discuss:

  • Understand how to start a digital twin journey from where you are today – with your existing assets, legacy systems, data and communications infrastructure – and how to start delivering value quickly
  • The data foundation – its importance, challenges and pitfalls
  • Accelerators to digitise your data – how to extract information from different systems and sources effectively
  • Building models and running simulations – from simple models to complex simulations, what to use when and why
  • Leveraging edge technology to run simulations in real-time
  • Generating predictive insights to improve asset performance
  • Real business use cases for generating measurable value