The Top 10 Oil & Gas Webinars of 2012

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Sumit Dutta

In this feature Oil & Gas IQ presents the ten most viewed Oil & Gas Webinars of 2012.

Shutdown & Turnarounds: Improving efficiencies, increasing safety and reducing operational costs

When planning a shutdown, at the forefront of any operators’ requirements will be the need to effectively address the potential pain points of cost, efficiency and safety. learn more

Why FPSO costs get out of control, and how you can project the bottom line throughout the project lifecycle

How can you guarantee that your FPSO projects come in in time and on budget? In this webinar you will find out how to set up for maximum success and minimal overruns in terms of time and capital. learn more

What you can learn from a contractor's perspective on international contract risk management

In this webinar Anastasiya Politova, Senior Contracts Advisor at CAMERON shares practical steps you can take to limit your liability in different jurisdictions when operating internationally. learn more

Ensure you are able to respond to an evolving regulatory landscape by hearing how Shell dealt with the introduction of a recent piece of major legislation

Ensure you are able to respond to an evolving regulatory landscape by hearing how Shell dealt with the introduction of a recent piece of major legislation Understanding the critical components of a robust anti-bribery programme: Shell's perspective on the implications of the UK Bribery Act for the oil and gas industry Shell's perspective on the essential components of learn more

Cost effective data management solutions for Petrel*

With global growth in the use of the Schlumberger’s Petrel* seismic to simulation software over the last 10 years there has also been a growth in associated data management challenges. learn more

Flexible FPSOs: Re-writing the rules of FPSOs as a field development solution

With the world's biggest FPSO event starting next week, we present you this free webinar on how FPSOs will evolve into full-spectrum field development units, not just the denizens of deepwater deposits learn more

Structured Application Data Management:  How to Build a Managed Data Environment for Standalone G&G Applications

Over the last decade, the popularity of standalone, desktop-based G&G applications has increased significantly. These applications provide a lot of functionality at an affordable price point for small to medium sized asset teams. learn more

Culture – What Is It And How Can It Benefit Data & Information Management?

Find out from the driving force behind BP's knowledge management team, just how culture change can deliver quantifiable business benefits for the data/information/management triangle. learn more

What Is Actually Business Critical?  Project Management 101 According To Oracle & Accenture

The phrase "business critical" is an often-used but seldom well-defined phrase in 21st century enterprise. How can your asset intenisve organisation benefit from project management software to streamline objectives and improve your bottom line? learn more

The Key To Successful STOs

In a process that can take months and millions to complete, safety and efficiency are paramount in safeguarding lives and reducing downtime during a shutdown and turnaround. Find out here how TeamWork for STO can keep your data and under control to ensure a smooth transition from "on paper" to "in practice". learn more

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