The Top 10 Oil & Gas White Papers & Reports of 2012

Sumit Dutta

In this feature Oil & Gas IQ presents the ten most read Oil & Gas White Papers & Oil & Gas Reports of 2012.

In this 14 page special report, Oil & Gas iQ Integrity and HSE expert, Derek Park, presents his analysis into why offshore disasters keep on happening and looks at the common threads that tie these catastrophic events together. learn more

In this e-book, ex-BP Offshore Operations Manager, Derek Park, examines why catastrophes happen, and looks at how our organisations can protect themselves by simply listening to its constituent parts. If Never Say Never was the "what", "where" and "when", then this piece is the remedy to the "how" and "why" disasters strike. learn more

Despite the vast amounts of research on the FPSO industry, there aren’t too many publications asking FPSO owners and operators what they are continually investing in, and given this lack of information in the market, Oil & Gas IQ and the FPSO Network, have co–organised a study with 158 companies in the FPSO sector, who are willing to share their thoughts on the trends in the floating, production, storage and offloading sector. learn more

Gas to liquids technology has been around since the beginning of the 20th century, yet only now is it gaining worldwide prominence as a primary method for refining petrochemical products. In this e-book, Oil & Gas IQ look at six GTL megaprojects that are changing the industry. learn more

Download this free ebook for a cast iron set of "commandments" that will lead to local content success in your organisation learn more

As the 12th year of the 21st century draws to a close, we take a retrospective look at seven of the biggest events that have shaped the industry we work in this year, and will doubtless influence the shape of things to come in 2013. learn more

As long as humanity produces and refines oil, we’ll need assets to do it. Asset management is one of the most crucial processes that a company has to undertake and is a successful framework harder to design and implement than it sounds. In this exclusive whitepaper, we give you the tools to construct and model a functional and cost-efficient asset management strategy, based on a tried and tested formula. learn more

In the 20th century, the emergence of gas-to-liquids (GTL) technology, converting gaseous hydrocarbons into longer-chain hydrocarbons such as gasoline or diesel fuel, made the dreams of alchemicist a reality. In the 21st century, GTL technology may be the world’s answer to affordable gasoline in an era of ever-dwindling oil reserves. Find out how here. learn more

The ultimate goal of any company is to create value and generate profit in a short and long-term perspective. In an asset-driven environment, there is a direct correlation between the successful management of the assets in question and a company’s turnover, profit and capital employment. In this whitepaper, we look at importance of instituting a clear policy and strategy for asset management that will lead to economic success. learn more

Benjamin Franklin tells us that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes. In the life of a platform two other constants take hold: ageing never ends and rust never sleeps. From the minute a platform is commissioned, the battle begins against the rigours of time and happenstance. In this resource pack, we gather together some of Oil & Gas IQ’s top content for asset integrity professionals. learn more

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