On This Day in Oil & Gas: December 14th - Tycho Brahe

December 14th, 1546 – A castle in Denmark. It’s snowing (because it is December in Denmark). Twins are born. One will die before his first birthday. The other will become one of the greatest scientists of the renaissance. Lucky for some.

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Tyge Ottesen (better known as Tycho) Brahe, would change the world of astronomy with his mathematically rigorous observation and charting of the night sky - all without the aid of a telescope. At one point he owned one per cent of the entire wealth of Denmark. He also kept a beer drinking elk in his castle. And a clairvoyant dwarf called Jepp who sat under the table during dinner. Did I mention he also had prosthetic nose made of gold? Seriously.

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So what has this strange man got to do with oil and gas? He was an empiricist who set new standards for precise and objective measurements. Ask any engineer where their projects would be without those….

P.S. For some more facts about the man who nose click here


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