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OT & IT: a gap in knowledge

With many oil and gas producers now able to collect and access an abundance of industrial data, there is now a growing issue of improper leveraging of information. Without an integrated and holistic refinery-wide system of OT and IT, interoperation becomes incredibly difficult, and the separate systems become isolated. Not only is this data gap an opportunity for malicious software to manipulate the operations of your enterprise, but keeping OT and IT worlds separate can result in expensive upgrades to systems much further down the line.

Proper utilization of the data hitherto lost within the company framework can revolutionise your operational efficiency, allowing you to bridge the digital and operational divide. Following the uptake of wireless technology, digital devices, and machine learning – data can be gathered from ever-more numerous points and in increasing quantities.


Continuing development in the automation industry has also driven data generation – with some estimates claiming that an average oil company can produce over a terabyte of data in a single day.

To find out how best to improve efficiency and data leverage in your enterprise, check out the webinar below.

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